VYBO Medium Voltage Motors H17R-IC411

The Medium Voltage Motors H17R provide a unique combination of compact size, high performance and reliability, low losses and easy maintenance. They are a successful continuation of VYBO Electric motors with ribbed cooling.

Multi-purpose medium voltage motors with rib cooling provide the possibility of simple arrangement and built-in service functions. Designs for use with frequency converters are also available for our customers. Speed-controlled drives (VSD) generally provide an even higher degree of efficiency and more precise process control in quadratic or constant torque applications.

VYBO Electric medium voltage motors are available as the H17R series for general use and as the A series. (type H17RT)

The H17R Series is a standardized and affordable design with high safety, productivity, reliability and efficient use of electricity. It is designed for applications where a specially developed engine is not required.

This series is complemented by the H17RL series, which is highly specific and tailor-made.


Medium voltage motors H17R VYBO Electric specification

VYBO Electric Medium Voltage Motors-maximum quality, maximum flexibility for compact frame IC411 motors. VYBO Electric MV-medium voltage motors IC411 in compact frame are available in virtually every conceivable configuration, and offer power in the range of more than 3000kW.

Type of electric motor: H17R
TEFC Totally enclosed fan cooled three phase asynchronous electric motor, can be equipped with ventilation
Frame sizes: 315mm-630mm
Power range: 132kW-3000kW
Voltage: 1000V-13 800V
Frame material: cast iron frame, optionally welded frame
Protection: IP55,65,67
Cooling: IC411,IC416 (ribbed cooled)
Mounting: B3,B35,V1,IM V15
Possible: Special winding of VFD use,can support several kinds of voltage and frequency
Accessories: PT100,PTC and other thermal elements can be chose to protect bearings and winding, Heaters, anti-vibrations senzors and other


VYBO Electric Rib cooled medium voltage motors are now ready to be shipped from Spišská Nová Ves factory to meet your urgent needs. Available frame sizes are from 315 to 560 and the motors fulfill IEC (electrically) standards.

Supply flexibility of medium voltage motors VYBO Electric

Supply flexibility for MV motors VYBO Electric.
Both direct-online-DOL, variable speed drive-VSD operation are available. Also VSD operation, which optimizes the motor’s performance, minimizes energy consumption and controls your process more accurately.

High power density for compact frames.
High power density means that for a given output you can often use a motor one frame size smaller than with conventional products. This compactness helps the motors to fit better in various different applications, also with space challenges.

Comprehensive documentation is ready, with drawings and electrical performance datas. A dedicated data sheet with the necessary performance data can be quickly prepared by VYBO Electric support.