A.M.G emerged as one of the key players in the industry. Established in 2016, our company plays a pivotal role in ensuring that sourcing and delivery of high quality products are achievable whilst enabling sustainability and efficiency in every business process.

For almost 5 years of business operations, A.M.G. forged strong ties with well-known manufacturers from various parts of the world that produce electrical, electronic & mechanical equipment and consumable materials.

From a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology designed to promote digitalization in industrial and commercial platforms, A.M.G. takes advantage of these technological innovations which aim to modernise clients’ business processes to become more technologically adept with the fast evolving trend in the global sphere.

Recently, A.M.G. exclusively teamed up with a reputable OEM in Europe, having end-to-end digitalization solutions. Backed by an extensive R&D initiatives, our collaboration with our partners enable us to deliver tailor-made solutions to suit the ever increasing demands of our valued clientele.

A.M.G commits itself to provide strong support to our stakeholders by introducing bespoke solutions and state-of-the-art technologies to help build smart infrastructures to pave way to a sustainable and efficient environment. In our efforts to support environmental protection, we commit to only offer products and services which not only protect but also support the preservation of the environment.

Moreover, A.M.G through a partnership with ITW, supports the oil & gas and petrochemical industry in reducing downtimes by providing patented online cleaning technologies which reduce laborious works and streamline operational costs.

A.M.G also has a pool of skilled and professional personnel to handle maintenance and operational works.

In addition to these products, A.M.G extends consultancy services in management system to ensure compliance to internationally recognized standards such as Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management. Taking advantage of the risk-based approach, our clients will be able to maximize improvement and reduce or control unwanted risks.