VYBO High Voltage Electric Motors H27R

High Voltage Electric Motors H27R

Modular Type of Electric Motors
1. TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooling) (air-to-air IC611, IC616, IC666)
2. Open Drip Proof Cooling (with open circuit ventilation IC01, IC06)
3. Water Cooled (air to water heat exchanger IC81W, IC86W)


High Voltage Electric Motors Modular Type H27R series- Squirrel Cage Motor

Type of electric motor: H27R (squirell cage motor)
Frame sizes: 355mm-1000mm
Power range: 132kW-20 000kW
Voltage: 2000V-13 800V
Frame material: welded steel frame
Protection: IP44,IP54,IP55,65,67
Cooling: IC611,IC616,IC666,IC81W,IC86W,IC01,IC06
Mounting: B3,B35,V1,IM V15
Possible: Special winding of VFD use, can support several kinds of voltage and frequency
Accessories: PT100,PTC and other thermal elements can be chose to protect bearings and winding Heaters, anti-vibrations senzors and other